Did Jesus Carry Weapons, Hate, and Promote Violence?

Autumn Begins © 2021 Photograph by Lee Anne Morgan

(This was initially posted as a podcast on July 7, 2022)

I wrote Confessions of an Evangelical on another platform in July, 2022. I felt a little off-balance when I received hate email, unsubscribes, et cetera because I unveiled the truth. I WAS a Bible-thumping, arm-waving evangelical and did not realize what happened to me until my pastor urged me to vote for Trump and lead a pro-life campaign of which I was not in favor.

A passage so often referred by fundamentalists is in Ephesians 6:10-17. It is an important backdrop to the violence and threat of violence we witness today: It is about warfare. Put on the armor of God to fight satan. If one is not born-again and does not believe that Jesus is the son of God, one goes to hell. In the evangelical mind, this is their core truth. They exclude others not like them, while so-called Christian women scurry to get licenses for pistols,while men carry guns openly. Those I thought were my friends and parishioners edged me out of the church because I was too feminist in my views, among other things.

Evangelicals are more than one-third of this country. Think of the mega-churches with thousands in attendance every week, the televangelists reaching millions every day. They read one book: the Bible, believing in the ‘talking snake’ metaphor and that the Bible is the literal written word of God. I left this church traumatized and opted into their madness for reasons detailed in Confessions of an Evangelical (below). However, when I asked why guns, hate, and violence when Jesus taught the opposite and did not carry weapons, I was sent packing and branded … a whore.

These people are more than a cult. It is a reality of distorted, malevolent thinking and belief deeply ingrained in their hearts and minds. And the brainwashing is terrifying. Go to an evangelical church next Sunday morning and see what unfolds. Witness the madness that helps divide our nation today.