Changes for the Better

The Athens Lighthouse © 2022 Lee Anne Morgan

Good morning, Friends ~

The image above is of the Athens historic Lighthouse. I took the picture recently around 7 a.m. as the mist rose from the Hudson River into the rich green of the mountains.

It is early as I write this short piece, and, yes, my mug of Assam tea is at my side. I want to alert everyone to the CHANGES I’ve made to the offering of my essays, stories, and artwork.

I may continue an intermittent Morning Musings Podcast, but not on a fixed schedule. I need to do these as the spirit moves me.

There is nothing for most of you to do. I am moving my writing and artwork back to my blog platform, WordPress, which technologically offers me more graphic capabilities. I will go no further, so your eyes don’t glaze over. Since April, for those of you who subscribed to the Substack forum, I have tried adding you to my contact list on MailChimp. It is through MailChimp that you receive a link to my blog. I will only publish once a month, for the most part. Please email me, and I will add your name and email to the list. Or, you can go to the Mailchimp signup in the righthand sidebar of this page and subscribe from there! The MailChimp “subscribe” does not apply to most of you but to only those who have been new subscribers since April.

Thank you to those so generous to sign on for ‘paid’ subscriptions. The money helped. You will not receive a renewal notice next year, and if you do, please ignore it.

Those are the basic housekeeping details of the CHANGES. My reasons are twofold: Substack is a pragmatic platform for political, economic, and science writers who produce weekly and daily newsletters. That is not what I do nor want to do. The other reason is that I’ve felt uneasy with all the “asks” for subscriptions, money, comments, likes, et cetera. That is not who I am.

My work is created to stir, give pause, inspire, and provide another lens through which to oneself and the world. I may post a sporadic donation button at some point, but not regularly.

Please email me if you need clarification. You all have my email.

Have a joyous day!🌹