‘my wish for humanity’

Fritillaria Welcomes the First Day of May © 2022 Lee Anne Morgan

I did not know of the budding flower, Fritillaria (above), hiding in the new, abundant greenery.

I did not know Antoinette Pienaar (a South African actress, singer, and author) either until I watched this short 10-minute film, luring me with her velvet voice, passion for life, love, and, oh, the kittens!

Green Rennaisance produced this elegant film, among many others. The cinematography is as compelling as Antoinette teaching her truth and sharing her heart. After contracting cerebral malaria on a trip to Mali in West Africa in 2001, Antoinette was severely weakened and decided to stay on Theefontein (the farm of her second cousin Jacques Pienaar). She claims that the Karoo and its herbs healed her.

Believe in the gift of life each morning with 24 new hours ahead.

Believe in the essential goodness of the human spirit.

Believe in being grateful for each moment offered today.

Know the sun will rise, the birds will sing, and the winds will carry the breath of the God of your choice, whispering good things. The melody is always present within us.

Listen to Antoinette’s teaching and feel her fiery spirit. You may want to watch the film twice because it is rich with content, visuals, and a spiritedness for life.