Historical. Shame. Hope.

Black Rose No. 4 © 2008 Lee Anne Morgan

I watched almost every moment of the Senate hearings and every minute of the Senate’s vote to confirm Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson as an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court. When I first saw VP Kamala Harris in the chair in the Senate, calling for the vote to begin and, finally, announcing the results, I was proud. Proud of our Vice President’s accomplishments and stirred by what was about to unfold. I thought of the little Black, Brown, and Asian girls and boys seeing this moment and realizing, “I can do it, too!” I knew the gallery was filled with spectators who cheered long and loud after Judge Jackson was confirmed. I am pleased two Republican women, Senators Collins and Murkowski, will shine in our history books because they dared to cross partisan lines and vote AYE. When the Republicans emptied their side of the Chamber during the applause, the two women Senators joined the Democrats in their joy. I was also gratified to see Mitt Romney, who had the composure and an open mind to overcome his no vote for Judge Jackson as District Judge only nine months ago, vote for AYE because “he got to know her better.” As the balance of Republicans, lacking tastefulness, exited the Chamber en masse, Senator Romney had the grace to stand as the lone Republican on his side of the aisle, applauding Judge Jackson’s confirmation.
Shame, shame, shame on the rest of the Republicans for not having the basic good manners to acknowledge a victory, one that is historic and well-earned.
I fear for the state of the world, Ukraine, and other areas of unrest around the globe. I fear for our country, SCOTUS, and those attempting to unravel our Constitution and the 14th Amendment. Some would-be despots hid in the cloakroom of the Senate Chamber, delaying their vote. And in the dark, hidden corners across our country and beyond, squirmy plans are made to forge violence, anger, hate, conspiracy, white supremacy, and evangelicalism into the Foundational Documents of our Framers’ work.
And, I fear for our beloved Mother Earth, which we continue to destroy daily. 
But let us enjoy this historical moment and pay homage to Judge Jackson. Her confirmation offers hope, courage, and a surge of prevailing winds of justice and equality for all. For let us not forget “we the people.”