Dawn’ s Light © 2021 Lee Anne Morgan

One deep breath in, one slow breath out. I sit and wait. Tea is in a thermos. A camera rests at my side. I ponder the River’s serenity. Then, finally, I bear witness to dawn’s imposing entrance over the horizon. I will return and breathe with the River. And I will sit and wait.

Extravaganza © 2021 Lee Anne Morgan
Knowing © 2021 Lee Anne Morgan

Where two trees stand, one is tall, thick-limbed with blossoms exploding onto the bluest of skies. The other tree is bereft of adornment yet fully alive. It waits in strength and calm. While people stop to look at the extravaganza of flowers, they miss the grand, noble architecture of the bare tree that knows fresh green leaves will soon appear, providing shade, beauty, and delight.

For My Father © 2021 Lee Anne Morgan

My Father calls to me through a thin veil. He passed away many years ago. “It’s my birthday,” he says, “buy me an orchid.”  I purchase an orchid and place it on my altar as my Father, the Orchid, and I speak a language of enduring love.

A Carnation’s Farewell © 2021 Lee Anne Morgan

At first, her petals were tightly formed. Then, the carnation opened as I observed the whorl unfurl into splendor. After a week, it was her time to soften, let go. I believe I captured her final moments, but something more came through the lens: a grand, flamboyant finale of color and whimsy illuminating her essence which was of the sun, soft rain, a passing cloud, the cosmos in this ordinary, extraordinary flower. Impermanence is the nature of all things. We will meet again.

April 22nd © 2021 Lee Anne Morgan
The Doe © 2021 Lee Anne Morgan

Rain was forecast. The unexpected enchantment, however, was large, juicy snowflakes inter-being with the already greening landscape. The camera’s shutter release was continual as I tried to record what would be gone within an hour or less. And then, the doe! She was not there a moment ago, a split second in time, yet she appeared grazing serenely on greens while the snow cascaded onto her and the forest floor. The snow evaporated into a cloud. The doe visits every morning and at dusk. These visits will not last. Change is unending.

Charlotte’s Web © 2021 Lee Anne Morgan

A Birch tree resides alone near the River. I place my hands on her trunk with its distinctive curly, papery bark. One papery ‘plate’ appeared ready to fall off. I tried pulling tenderly only to hear “ouch!” The curly bark was firmly attached to the trunk in one small spot. The Birch tree’s bark presents a universe of color my camera cannot resist. When I viewed the uploaded image, a mystery was revealed: a faint outline of what could only be called Charlotte’s Web.

Dream Garden © 2021 Lee Anne Morgan

A hidden garden lives along the sunny wall of a small log cottage. The cottage resides on a cobblestone side street few people travel. I came upon the storybook cottage and garden and stepped into a dream. No one was around. While the sun was too high and bright, I decided to photograph the secret garden anyway.  I doubt I will find my way there again. Was this a fantasy? Did I paint this scene? No matter. It is finished.


Birdsong fills the air, for all my windows are open to the warm, sunny day. They live in constant celebration in their environment of trees and sky, adapting to all kinds of weather and turmoil too. Yet they sing while a Redtail hawk flies high above writing her aria in the sky.

I hope my images and words brought music to your hearts, minds, and souls. Thank you for visiting.



I Breathe. I Sit. © 2021 Lee Anne Morgan

One deep breath in, one slow breath out. Three times.



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