Breathe. Give Thanks. Our Constitution.

October Blossom © 2020 Lee Anne Morgan

Take one breath in ~ Let one breath out.

(Repeat three times)

These are turbulent times. In 10 days, we will watch a landmark election unfold. Leading up to November 3rd, we are bombarded by repetitive fear-based commentaries from mainstream media to the extremist conspiracy theorists who seek to sow division and hate. Most importantly, we continue fighting a Quiet War against an invisible enemy that claims lives daily.

I started a Gratitude Journal in concert with ‘breathing meditations’ to help relieve anxiety and the deep weariness that eventually settled within me these past months. I choose one topic each day to write about my gratitude in these uncertain times. As my list grows, it provides a valuable reminder that giving thanks can illuminate overlooked yet nuanced blessings, gifts-of-life, in ordinary daily experiences.

  • I am grateful for my life; all its joys and sorrows.
  • Good health is a blessing. Thank You.
  • A sink filled with dishes to wash is an opportunity to say thank you! Many have too little, or no food at all, let alone a dish from which to eat.
  • As a recluse, my friends are few yet held dear.
  • Each sunrise dances upon my eyes.
  • The praise of morning birdsong and the resonance of nightly insects soothes the soul.
  • For a choir of friends that are no longer in my life, I give thanks. Their presence was at the right time and season in these seven decades.
  • I take pleasure in whimsical, puckish pumpkins. None are alike!
  • A pink blossom among weeds is a gift from the Divine.

I could go on, but won’t. Although … I just looked up from this writing and watched a cluster of leaves in hues of red, orange, gold, and russet float like snowflakes to the woodland floor. Squirrels scamper to gather their store for winter. This ordinary scene reveals the beauty surrounding each of us. Thank You.

When we pause and give attention to the flutter of leaves, the smallest sparrow, lend a shoulder to cry on, dry a child’s tears, call a friend just to say hello, feed a hungry person, and smile whenever and as often as possible, we reflect what the Sacred truly cares about. May we celebrate our diversity, our differences, and the love we truly hold for one another in each sacred moment of our days. Attainable? No, not yet. However, I never give up hope. A mantra for consideration:

Compassion, not judgment. Love, not hate. Justice-with-concern for all.

Breathe deeply starting now through election night, and beyond. There will be uncertainty, perhaps, for weeks following November 3rd. Remember, though, our Constitution will prevail. The Constitution sets a dead stop on December 8th for selecting Electors for the 2020 election. The Electors then cast their final Electoral ballots on December 14th. Therefore, whatever the outcome, by giving thanks for the smallest blessings in our cherished daily lives, we will be better than okay, each in our unique way.

The Gallery

Autumn’s Glory No. 1 © 2020 Lee Anne Morgan
The Puckish PumpkinPuckish Pumpkin © 2020 Lee Anne Morgan
Autumn’s Glory No. 2 © 2020 Lee Anne Morgan


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2 thoughts on “Breathe. Give Thanks. Our Constitution.

  1. What’s this recluse? Jump back in the pool. It’s frantic and dizzying but, in the end, so rewarding. If God wanted us to be alone, he(she) would not have made so many of us. Love always.


  2. Dear Lee Anne,
    Your images and writing are heartwarming. Thank you! The world is a better place with you in it. You are a dear soul in so many ways. God sees and knows.
    Love always,


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